Monday, February 15, 2010

VW Beetle - A fashion on wheels

There’s a car I unexpectedly fond after in non-sporting driven way and forgot to write about is the new Beetle. The old Beetle which is one of the last legacies of the Nazis, famed by Hippies, and macho car among the guys because of its flat four boxer engine blabbering has been revived, but the successor remains fame after in the opposite way. Nothing much changes on the design with exception that the engine is now in front, it’s the ladies are the ones crazy after and the moment it was launched, everywhere throughout the galaxy, many people think it’s a more of a fashion statement than a car really.

Truthfully I wasn’t be interested in driving one back then except there’s an unexpected delays on the delivery of the Pocong. Seeing that I was about to burst my tin kosong temperament, Resen my SA suggested me and wifey to do sight seeing in Penang in the company’s reflex silver Beetle 2.0 NA auto while waiting. Well I can’t miss this chance, can I?

With the car brimmed with RM50 worth of fuel courtesy by Goh Brothers, off I went to see how this prima donna will do. The first thing I realised, I was in an egg head with the distance between the steering and the edge of the bottom windscreen like miniature scale of Russia 's sovereignty width and the rear view visibility is just awkwardly weird.

I could go on bad mouthing the car such as the boot space can only store a medium size LV’s shopping bag but the fact of the matter is I was seating properly in a pretty much A-class supportive seats, the plastics in the cabin are just well ain’t plastics quality, well equipped and although the interior designed in funky way, I couldn’t fault its ergonomics even the unmanly flower vase.

A word of caution to all potential owners, drivers and joy riders, this car really attracts attention and I’m not kidding, not the slightest. Ok a perfect example, I was cruising along the Penang Bridge at 60kmh on the left lane and every time a car passes by, they were slowed down a bit and stare at me as if I was the fashion mogul of some kind. It would be worst if the colour of the car was sunflower yellow. But never minds all that, I took the time to stop by at Queensbay Mall just to buy Amy Winehouse CD and plays it in the Beetle as I’m heading towards Batu Ferringhi from Teluk Kumbar. Man I’ve to tell you, the experience was soothing, relaxing, full of eclectic and I’m sure 10-20 years from now on, I could still yawning about it to you folks.

The only mishap to this experience was this prima donna drinks fuel way more than the Pocong, which means I’ve to stop by somewhere in Petronas station nearby to fill another RM40 of fuel. I just don’t get this; a fashion model should be frugal on her consumption that’s why most of them are skinner than strip out chicken goreng. And the power from 2.0 engine isn’t that quick either, I’ve a strong feeling that a bone stocker Satria Neo 1.6 will tawaf keliling the car no problem at all.

And although underneath it is Mk5 Golf chassis, the dynamics is well below average. If you remembered that I was once made an intriguing comment of the Sylphy that it handles like maneuvering a boat, this Beetle then would be about 10-15% worse.

But still, none of these issues can bring down the charm of this Beetle in anyway. People especially the ladies will still buy it; it’s anyhow a fashion on wheels. Who could have argue the fact that ladies shirt is way small than a normal size toddler? And any man as freaking brutal as he may be has the nerve to say to his companion that high heels aren’t comfortable to walk?

I don’t have to look far to twice verify this because my wife, if the asking price can fit all of her cards combined credit limit, I can guarantee you that she’ll buy one straightaway without even blinking. And as for me, I wouldn’t mind driving one again and again so that it can mask my fashion illiteracy from the public point of view. :)

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