Sunday, June 28, 2009

Plautos MAD Polo GTI - Revisited

Last week, I featured Plautos's Polo GTI with all the specs and images. This time, I bring to you how it behave on the dyno rollers. This was when he had 250hp on wheels. Very wicked!


Wiechers or Wierches Sport is commonly known in the international arena as one of the most competitive WTCC team. What people don’t know is that their forte is in chassis strengthening business. And for Polo GTI owners, here’s a pinch of poison for you!

Strut Braces for front and rear. Three choices of carbon fibre, aluminium and steel depending on your how deep is your pocket. Carbon fibre one is something to lust after!

Available from Orange Tuning or Wiechers-Sport Germany

Carbon fibre strut brace

Aluminium strut brace

Captain's GTi

A buddy of mine, Zaid aka CaptainEvo has fallen to the darkside years ago. Getting the G feeling from forced fed akin to injecting drugs into his veins, something he couldn’t resist and wanted more of it.

Quest for power has been irked by certain quarters that err emphasise on control above power will bring the best out of the car, in which I agree. But I also have to agree that having such ludicrous amount of power is just mad as in exciting and very unique. It’s something that can only be understood once you’ve tasted the wonders of forced induction.

Having accustomed to mild tuned Evo 3’s 4G63T in his Satria GTi for years, he started opening a can of worms bits by bits until this year where he’s gone all out, well almost.

Sourced the goodies at the right time and place, set aside a spare engine in case anything went wrong and best of all got very experienced and grease techies to do up his project car. All in, the works are superb and wicked! Have a look at the images and you’ll agree with me completely!

Before you asked, NO the works has not stopped, in fact it’s just begun. I can foresee Microtech LT10 & handset, 2.3 ltr stroker kit, Walbro fuel pump, Sard injectors, GT30 turbo etc. I wouldn’t say how much power it’ll be registering but one thing for sure, with something like that in a hatch could just bend time!

May the power of Lord Sidious bless you with your quest in the darkside bro!


4G63T 1997cc inline 4 of Evo 3
DOHC, 4-valves per cylinder, hydraulic bucket tappets, 8.5:1 CR
85 * 88 mm, cast iron engine block
Factory standard piston and crankshaft
HKS titanium valve springs
Brian Crower titanium retainers
Brian Crower +1mm valves
Bored valve seats
HKS 272 deg camshafts
HKS Slide campulley
Tomei 1.5mm metal head gasket
Factory standard 510cc injectors
Sard fuel regulator
Evo 3 oil cooler
Factory standard TD05 turbo
Custom turbo manifold
Custom intercooler
Custom intercooler pipes
Samco intercooler connectors
HKS SSQV sequential BOV
TiAL 38mm wastegate
Thermo Tec thermal wrap
NGK ignition cables
HKS Super Fire Racing iridium plugs
Sard thermostat
Sard magnetic oil sump nut
Apexi Power Intake air filter
Power Enterprise kevlar timing belt
Polycarbonate cam gear cover
Painted cam cover

Transmission & Drivetrain

Factory standard Evo 3 5-speed manual gearbox (2wd locked)


Custom 3” exhaust system
Blitz Nur Spec 3” muffler




Factory standard Satria GTi
Carbon fibre hood
Projector headlights
HID 8000k


Factory standard Satria GTi
Evo 3 dashboard with electronic air-cond
Momo Race steering wheel
HKS full auto turbo timer
HKS 1.5bar boost meter
AEM wideband AFR (UEGO) sensor
AEM digital gauge/controller
Factory standard’s Recaro Njoy
Ralliart gear knob


HWL coilovers
HKS Kansai aluminium strut bar


Front. Evo 3 twin pot brakes.
Front. Evo 3 slotted rotors
Rear. Evo 3 single pot brakes
Project Mu brake pads

Wheels & Tyres

5Zigen GN 17”
205/40/17 Yokohama S-Drive

The valve seats have been bored to accept Brian Crower oversized valves

HKS 272 deg cams

HKS cam pulleys

Wicked cylinder head!

Custom turbo manifold

Fitting in with Power Enterprise belt

Sweet looking transparent timing belt cover

Current Outlook

It’s has to be the Last Car, otherwise everyone will be left behind!

Images courtesy of Zaid

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Satria Neo CPS

It’s been two weeks my auntie and I scouting around for good deal and quick delivery of base-line Satria Neo (A). Been to two branches and not quite satisfied, so we went to their platinum showroom in Mutiara Damansara last saturday to see if quicker delivery is possible.

Upon reaching the showroom, spotted a test unit of Satria Neo CPS and happily the sales advisor is more than willing to allow me to have a crack on it. Only the test car is an auto.

Heard some whisperings from some folks of Protons, Satria Neo CPS is the ‘successor’ to my personal favourite Satria GTi. Well, they’ve been late, that’s for sure because me and my buddies have been tired of waiting!

Visually, you can see Satria Neo CPS is reincarnation of Satria GTi with flared wheel arches and sportier front/rear bumper. The rear spoiler, narrower front track and wheel design is up to individual taste. I don’t like it. I’d prefer slightly wider track than standard Neo front and rear so that wheels wouldn’t sunk in too much especially the fronts, Oz Crono Evo would do far better job than ‘inspired’ Advanti Medusa, and the rear spoiler is too ‘Beng’. Exhaust muffler integrated bumper would be nice as well.

Going inside, they didn’t put in Recaro Njoy, instead, the same designed seats carried over from standard but wrapped it in leather and apply two-tone colour. Same dashboard design with darker themed.

How does it drive? Crank it up and engine sounds the same as normal Neo. We took the same test route as the Exora. I sense the throttle is slightly less snappy than Exora equipped CPS. As torquey as they may be, the top end punch is not much difference as normal Campro. Not here and not there delivery. I just hope the manual version can do justice to the car. But it can’t hide engine harsh character, heck it would be making it more obvious.

I couldn’t test much on the ride & handling aspects because sales advisor been saying “Tolong! Saya tak mau mati!” the moment I started the left-right-left sequence going uphill towards Penchala Link. That surely put off to my intention but initial finding shows slightly meatier steering feel but just too safe. And Conti ContactSport-1 didn’t help either. Good for first time performance car users. You won’t want them to panic when the tail slide going too hot gunning the corners.

Ride is very very comfortable for a hot hatch, no even better than standard Neo. The Proton engineers really nailed this aspect very good.

In this short brief moment, I’d say thank you for not putting GTi badge on it because it’s NOT in the first place. Think of it as premium Satria Neo who happens to have punchier power and sportier package. I’m sorry because I can’t praise it any higher.

Back to my auntie, she agrees with my advice and put down the booking for standard Satria Neo and it seems it can be delivered within 2-3 weeks and the fact their approach and promises to this moment looks good in our books.

Pictures taken from Proton

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Plautos's MAD Polo GTI!

Having the privilege to hang around in VWwatercooled Australia forum, it enables me to meet Polo GTI enthusiasts worldwide and acquire knowledge inside-out in the world of VWs. Most of their rides are mildly modded with impressive result – no kidding!

This time, I’m featuring a candy white Polo GTI from Brazil owned by fellow forummer Plautos. Apart from being enthusiast and an avid racer, he’s very much a ‘grease doctor’. Specialised in rebuilding all sorts of diesel engines, every mods done into his Polo was all DIY from installation of K&N filter till LSD and improvised dampers. He’s the “Chip Foose” in the Polo community, that’s for sure.

Through the use of larger K04-25 from Audi RS4, Cat Cams, 386cc injectors, Forge goodies, custom exhausts and APR Stg 2+ reflash, these mods easily registers 270hp and 402nm on wheel dyno. Internals remain untouched. For a 1.1k kg car, the amount of power is just insane (that’s more than twice the power of standard engine).

Unlike most people, he mod this car not only for straight line, he wants to track it occasionally. So, harnessing all the power has been put to rest to the shoulders of custom improvised dampers from Koni, H&R sport spring, custom PU bushes and 215/35/18 Yokohama Parada tyres. Wilwood Superlite 4 pot BBK for front & back.

In Interlagos circuit, he clocks 2:09.9 on clear track with some rain drops. To give you a perspective how fast it is, an R35 GTR made 1:54.5 on dry and clear track. Expect him to shed 2-3 seconds off after using LSD and reduce sliding on high speed turns.

Don’t think a minute Plautos would stop here. There’re plenty of mods coming along and it’s going to be massive and best of all most of it are going to be self custom. We could be seeing GT28RS with custom housing. Good luck!


1781cc Inline 4
DOHC, aluminum, 5-valves per cylinder, hydraulic bucket tappets, 9.5:1 CR
81 * 86.4 mm, cast iron engine block
Mahle forged aluminum piston, fracture-split forged steel connecting rods, one-piece cast, forged crankshaft
Motronic ME 7.5 electronic multipoint sequential fuel injection
Cat Cams’s camshafts
Audi TT 225 386cc injectors
Borg Warner K04-25 CHRA turbo
High flow manifold.
Forge front mounted intercooler
Forge turbo inlet pipe
6500rpm (rev cut 6800rpm)
ECS N75 Race dump valve
FPR 4-bar
Custom PU dog bone bushings
K&N 3004 open pod filter
NGK R7435-9 spark plugs

Transmission & Drivetrain

5-speed manual
Gear ratio: 1st – 3.30, 2nd - 1.94, 3rd - 1.36, 4th - 1.03, 5th - 0.82
3.65:1 final drive
Phantom Grip LSD
Uprated clutch
Fidanza 225mm 5kg flywheel
Custom short shifter


Custom 3” downpipe
Sport cat
2.5” piping
Custom muffler

Electronics/Engine Management

APR Stg 2 98oct reflash


Factory standard Polo GTI
Autometer Gauges


Front. Independent, MacPherson struts and coil springs. Anti-roll bar.
Rear. Torsion beam axle, trailing arms, coil springs.
H&R Sports spring
Koni Yellow (modified) dampers
Custom solid PU control arm bushing
White Line rear Toe kit


Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brake-pressure Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist
Front. Willwood Superlite BBK four pot 355mm
Rear. Willwood Superlite BBK four pot 355mm with handbrake caliper
Goodridge steel braided line

Wheels & Tyres

Centre Line, Storm, 18x7 rims with 38mm offset
Custom 10mm spacer
215/35/18 Yokohama Parada


270 hp on wheel (290bhp on engine)
402 nm torque on wheel (445nm on engine)
Top speed 260km/h
2:09.9 (Interlagos)

Plautos's Office

K04-25 CHRA in K04-01 housing

Comparison of high flow manifold & stock manifold

Forge FMIC installation

Cat Cams

Custom Exhaust

Fidanza flywheel

Phantom LSD

Custom improvised Koni Yellows

Current Outlook

Gunning Interlagos straight @ 220 (

Giving Boxter & Scubby a run for their money (

Went MAD agains 500hp Eclipse

Sunday, June 14, 2009

This Year Target Splurge (so I Hope)

After getting it reflashed, bigger brakes and lowering sport spring, driving the Pocong now is almost satisfying. Hehe ‘almost’ means, there’s something in the pipeline, I wonder when it’ll ever end :(

Goodies in mind targeted to further improve suspension for street use with minor sacrifice on comfort. Naturally I’m looking to H&R for answers. Expensive they may be but worth every penny considering how well engineered products they’ve been producing. These three are my target this year:


Unlike the use of steel plate, H&R ARB made of 50CrV4 steel alloy - the highest tensile strength apart from carbon fibre. It just doesn’t end there, it has forged ends and urethane composite bushings that eliminate squeaks and doesn’t require lubrication. 26mm front, 25mm rear diameter, hopefully can improve lateral stability and cornering grip, while reducing body roll.

H&R ‘Triple C’

Practical terms as camber screw. Need this to dial more -ve camber to the tyres. Can’t afford to have Camber Plates, this ‘Triple C’ will work just as good for street use.

Federal 595RSR

Stock Conti CS2 already nearing its half life, time to scout for replacement. Although it rolls at tight corners due to soft sidewall, on high speed corners, it provide tenacious grip for everyday tyres (to me at least) and one of the tyres to have on rainy day by far. Having heard many positive reviews for 595RSR on Polo, I’m aiming these in another 15-20k clicks considering through grapevine, someone got it for RM350/piece at Jooi Seng. Awesome thread design eh?

Apart from these three, I’m looking to get it breath better (through the use of after market DV and turbo inlet pipe) and better cooling (Forge SMIC is way too expensive) but if these are in, my pocket gonna blow real hard. Haihhh…

Behind the wheel of the Exora

Went for TT session with Satria GTi folks as usual last Friday and in an odd fashion of me, I was rather late! Just I was minding my own business finding parking slot, there was Sharil safely parked his company’s test car, the Proton Exora. The key has been placed on the table for joy run, and knowing me, I as always just happy to oblige :)

Dimensionally, it’s a midsized MPV just like Toyota Wish and way bigger than Chevrolet Nabira which both are benchmark cars during its development stage. And this one is high-line version, so expect it comes with leather seats, sporty rims, dvd player and navigation system.

Getting inside, you’re immediately greeted with a cozy environment headed by the seating position, very MPV-ish. Interior design is very practical in every sense with ample storage compartments and my favourite front hook to place nasi lemak bungkus. Fit and finishing seem to be further improved with Proton these days and so are the materials only a big let down is colour theme! Just spoil the quality impression!

Cranking up the engine, immediately lighted up with interesting control panel’s illumination and slotting through the ‘gate’ shifter and off to our usual test route (Mutiara Damansara-Pencala Link-TTDI turn off-Mutiara Damansara) with 5 of us on board.

Just like the 308 turbo the other day, the throttle feel is very snappy which made I wonder does Proton want to give a glimpse of ‘energy’ impression of Campro 1.6 CPS? Going through 25m roundabout and Penchala Link left-right-left entry doesn’t upset the stability, roll is very much control with reasonable feel steering I would say. Not like Nabira level but for a vehicle this size and sub RM100k price, I was stunned.

The real Exora’s achilles heel got to be the engine. Even with 4.6 final drive mated to automatic gearbox, the low end and midrange punch to move this goliath is almost non existence. Absolutely no feel it can propel with full load after climbing slight uphill from TTDI turn-off towards Mutiara Damansara. It badly needs at least 1.8 with low boost turbo or 2.0 NA to give just right energy to drive comfortably.

Still, it’s a common sense effort by Proton to provide spacey solutions for Malaysia’s families with sensible price. Just wish it’s got more energetic heart.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

UNI-Setting V1.4

Unitronic now releases UNI-Settings v1.4 for the Bosch Motronic Me7 system. This useful application will allow the user to manipulate and adjust the built-in ECM adaptation channels to enhance the enthusiast's particular setup - from stock to modified, octane specific tweaks and adjusting for larger Injectors to better suit performance and drivability. The application is a USB based interface, the 1st of its kind to work with any Generic FTDI USB Communication interface. This newer revision has full support for the latest VAG-COM cable releases, and offers the option to reset the programming counter. Unitronic, now give you more options!

Since it's downloadable from Unitronic's website (FREE!), I need VAG COM cable & software which cost USD229. And log data from VAG COM can be used and manipulated into these :-

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Teh's Drag Machine

Never think drag is all about how 'much' you've under the hood. It's all about harmonising the power and getting traction to make good use of it. A good casing point is Teh's Toyota T130 Corona, which I almost bought but brought down to reality after heavy commitment on the Pocong.

Powered by bullet proof 1Jz (with 2Jz block) engine from Supra with some alterations made the car among the one to beat in most drag competitions in Tawau. On paper, nothing less than 450hp on 1.7 boost on pump fuel. Wonder how much increase if 2.2 boost and 50-shot NOS with racing fuel ? :)


1.5Jz cylinder head
2Jz short block
1.5mm metal gasket
ACL conrod bearings
ACL main bearings
ACL trust washers
Custom duration/lift camshafts
Sard 1000cc injectors
510cc x 2 sub injectors
Copper fuel line
2ltr surge tank
Sard fuel regulator
Turbosmart 50mm progate
T04Z turbo
HKS exhaust manifold
Lorry intercooler
3.5” straight exhaust piping
Sard racing BOV
RE Anemiya FD RX7’s aluminium radiator
NX 50 shot nitrous


R154 5 speed gearbox
Exedy hyper single clutch customized to fit act solid hub disc
ACT 6 puck solid hub clutch lining
Tomei 2-way LSD
4.3 final drive

Electronics/Engine Management

E manage ultimate
Greddy remote trigger system


R32 subframe assembly
TT141 power steering rack
S13 lower arm
Front. Kei Office adjustable
Front. Spacer to raise height
Front. Cusco pillow ball front mount
Rear. Custom shocks with ultra long stroke for better weight transfer.


R33 brakes front & rear
APP racing braided brake line


Weld drag rims. 6jj x 15”(front), 10jj x 15” (rear)
Normal road tyres (front), Mickey Tompson ET drag 26 x 10” x 15” (rear)

Currently, the engine under going cardiac surgery as we speak to accommodate:-

Wiseco pistons
GT4202 turbo
HKS twin power DLI
HKS twin plate clutch set