Thursday, October 15, 2009

C99 karting 2nd installment

I was late in bringing in this report since this 2nd installment of karting among C99 forummers held last Sunday. Well here goes nothing …

More people joining the fun, it was dry & hot day, we’re burning rubbers (so called la) and not forgetting there’re arab ladies joining the session too abeit more like moving chicanes. This time around, we’ve a very fast karter hustling at me at every corners and tapaued me in the process. It’s time to go back to the drawing board huh??! Tension gua cakap lu hehehe

Below are array of superbly taken pictures and video courtesy of Fahmi and Azdilizan.

Group photo with Zam spoiling it :P

Me chanting some spells

Tazir can't wait to tapau me

Addy with his matte black helmet getting ready

King Bae can't wait any longer

Zam with his Oakley's, non stop smiling!

Darn fast karter - Tazir!

Not going out without a fight (so called la)

Addy shouldn't have chosen the Top Gear kart, Evo better (pun intended haha)

King Bae in action

The spectators anxiously waiting for the 2nd heat

2nd heat starting...

Desperately trying to run away from Tazir but the kart not as fast

He's still hustling me!

Don't have the pace to keep up with him this time :(

Hafiz learning his way around the track

Haji in action

My rempit brother

Distraction #1

Distraction #1 closed up

Distraction #2

Friday, October 9, 2009

Ibiza's solid bushes

The Ibiza R front of the rear wishbone’s (it’s confusing I know hehehe) solid bushes have just reached my doorstep yesterday after two weeks of waiting. Time to scout for H&R camber kit, rear shims before going for installation….

Consistent Distinction

I ran over a deep pothole err manhole last Wednesday and caused the steering pulls to left quite significantly. A quick visit to Consistent Distinction in PJS 1 easily solved the problem. I got away scot free this time as rims and tyres are ok. I’ve to say their customer service relation is really warm, very organised and best of all they hand tightens your wheel nut instead of using air gun!

No. 1, Jln PJS 1/21A,
46000 Petaling Jaya,
Ah Wah +60193897433

Same row as Auto Reign

All the wrenches are placed well

The Pocong looking helpless without shoes

312mm is fine but the Textar pads not that heat friendly

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Plautos's homemade turbo manifold

We all knew that he has a GT2860RS in his backyard and knew something interesting is coming. And now, he just finished fabricating turbo manifold to go along with the new turbo. DIY. No lengthy words this time as I let the images do the talking. I wouldn’t call him “Chip Foose” for nothing didn’t I ?? :P

Images courtesy of Plautos

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Shiok sendiri drive

Saturday, 3rd October. Woke up slightly late and waited for the rain to ease off a bit then only warm up the Pocong for a shiok sendiri drive which has been overdue for quite sometime. And while it was still raining, I dropped by at AVS Auto to collect Azdilizan’s breather valve which its price has gone up slightly to RM85.

Just passed 11.30am, the rain has been sober a bit and decided it’s a good time to kick off the drive. Before that, STP octane booster has been poured in to the tank which itself was already brimmed with Techron 97. Delightfully to report, it gives better response but I prefer AfterBurn more :)

The route I opted was Jalan Gombak (route 68), Genting Sempah, uphill roads of Genting Highlands halfway then onto B66 route downhill towards Batang Kali where 1 schedule stop for break at in-law’s place before proceed back home through long weeping road of Ulu Yam (route B23).

I was taking the car easy along the Jalan Gombak at least until passing the JHEOA hospital not to piss off everybody’s morning. In a way, it’s a good thing that the surface was still wet means I’d be able to know how the RSR behaves in these conditions. This stretch of road comprises mainly narrow and tight left-right sequence of corners where normally spookily serene. Not surprising, I felt the car was a little bit slippery but much more predictable on how it losses grip than Contis and F1 GSD. Steering feel is now much tighter and backed by strong turn-in and mid-corner grip just feel so endlessly good. I’m still acclimatizing myself to get used to this sort of performance. And God the RSR makes the Pocong nippy through the bends!

Reached the Genting Sempah roundabout and heading up kicking off the 2nd leg journey with mainly uphill 2 lane roads. I’ve to say though, these tyres in a way draining the energy of the car as though the tyres surface was full of chewing gum (I was about to say sticking to the tarmac. Before this, I did say 178hp is enough, now nope I need 200hp to get the car in psychopath mode again. Still the midrange doesn’t disappoint where I was mostly on 3rd & 4th to keep the K03s turbo on song.

Reached the Goh Tong Jaya roundabout, I exited the uncle Lim’s and took route B66 and began to descend towards Batang Kali but this time comprises of lots of fast sweeping corners. By then, the surface began to dry (well almost anyway). The RSR started to show its true pace. It just grip, grip and grip everywhere and such persistence attitude the Pocong has now, only at times I was the one who chicken out as it roll towards ditch while the RSR stays permanently planted to the tarmac. As I was nudging 180 at some points, I began to noticed that additional stuff like braided hose and if budget persist, better pads are needed because the brakes was not at optimum. Not to say it has faded a lot though, just not strong enough to shave speed while you’re having the G and descending. Upon reaching the t-junction, I headed off to in-law’s place for a short break and that allows me & wifey some time to tease two hyperactive cats hehehe

While having a break, a quick look at the four tyres shows minimal or zilch wear on the sidewalls but the car’s backside shows plenty of dirt and front rims was blacken by dust!

Just passed 5pm, I continued final part of this SS drive towards home via Ulu Yam. I wouldn’t say it’s my home course or anything resembling the matter but a familiar territory is more like it. It has much more high sweeping corners and less vertical differences compared to the earlier route B66. I’d say on this route, RSR easily able to handle 10-20kmh faster at any corners than Conti easily. There’s so much assurance through the feel, turn-in and mid-corner grip, and it does that in serenely spookingly quiet. And when it let go, hell will break loose without warning.

I know I’ve been blabbering for quite sometime now and I’m going to say it again, RSR is such a bang-for-buck mod when it comes to feel, grip and handling. Though it’s marginally more expensive than other UHP tyres but if you look at the prices of AD08 which is nudging RM580 a pop, this is the one to go.

And for the Pocong, as I’m happy with the grip it has now, there’s some more works to do to enhance the steering feel as you know when it comes to handling, the steering feel will either makes it or breaks it. This I quote from Djan’s comment in CBT article. And once getting the bushes done, I’m expecting to be happy for a while.

The route

I wonder what EJ going to say about this

The kecik was being so restless

Looks cute but notoriously hyperactively naughty

No signs of tiredness but obviously dirty

Quest for ideal handling & grip is half way there!