Thursday, June 7, 2012

Broken Brake Pad Wear Sensor

The “Check Brake Pads” warning lit up few days back while I was enroute to Kedah on NSE. Funny thing is all my pads are relatively new and have pretty ‘thick’ depth. True enough it wasn’t because of the pads but broken brake pad wear sensor wires. 

What Alex did was essentially connect back the two wires in the brake pad wear sensor together and walla no more warning light :) 

 Luckily it's just a basic DIY job

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Who says US don't have winding roads!!

 At Highway 330 enroute to Arrowhead Lake

 Roadhoggers are everywhere here lol

 Think of it as scale-up Ulu Yam or even Simpang Pulai :)

 Super Sweepers :)

 DC5 Type S spotted but as usual in US, speed limit capped to 50mph only :(

H&R Rear Adjustable Spring Plate

When the Pocong had its 97.5k kms interim oil change end of April, I spotted missing locking ring on rear-right adjustable spring plate. After a quick check with both H&R Germany and Speedzone, I have to order complete adjustable lower spring plate (part no HR92-K-X001A001) for RM360 plus RM70 FedEx expedite courier. There goes my budget for carbon rib protector and CIK-certified karting suit :(

 View on rear-left

View on rear-right, notice the missing ring!
New Complete Adjustable Lower Spring Plate

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Engine Bay Housekeeping

To celebrate my long awaited vacation, I've decided to clean up the Pocong's engine bay. The end result is not as clean as I would have like but this will do for the moment. Got to save energy for 100cc endurance testing this coming Thursday :)

RSR it is (Part II)

I had an ‘argument’ with concrete barrier in NPE couple of months back. Fortunately for me, there’s no bodywork damage except two rims got minor scratched around its lips. 

To make it up for my carelessness, I’ve decided to get the rims repaired and resprayed, and finally get rid of the RE001 tyres to make way for the Federal RSRs. This bitter pill costed me around RM2.9k. Then I had to get new Delkor DIN66 battery for RM380 and annual roadtax & insurance for RM1.2k. 

Just after I thought the pain would be over, the aircond blower started rattling and the turbo outflow gasket might be leaking. And of course, I’ve just committed to a friend that I’m going to get Genesis 380cc injectors as part of stage 2 upgrade soon. That’s it, there goes my soon to be bonus!!

Week 26 of 2011

HupShun alignment touches not as good as MPS and FA Racing....sigh

 Kinda like the new colour more..

Still awaiting for rear spring perch's locking ring

 Hopefully this Delkor can last for 2 1/2 years like the previous GP DIN66 battery