Sunday, April 28, 2013

Installations Setback

What was thought to be “plug n play”, turns out to be “plug n pray”:P 

The installation job couldn’t be completed last Saturday as the mechanics encountered several pipes are in the way of the new turbo inlet hose. And my custom intercooler inlet pipe location makes situation kinda worse. So we’ve decided to unplug heater, SAI, N249 and PCV pipes. We will use ProVent 200 oil catch can to filter and push oil vapor to air instead of recirculating it back to the engine. 

There’re seems to be quite positive feedback on this ProVent 200 in later generations of VW engines and hopefully it works well in VW 1.8T as well. Oh well, we’ll see. Here’s short info on the product: 

On the bright side, the Genesis 415cc injectors are direct-fit with BJX-code engine.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Stock K03S vs FrankenTurbo F21T

While the Pocong is in Auto Reign undergoing surgery, I would like to share visual comparison between stock K03S and FrankenTurbo F21T. 

Compressor Map

Visually the same but the turbine and compressor wheels are significantly 'larger' yet spools as quick

Awaiting for gaskets and fasteners. Should have bought it earlier!

3rd Baby Steps: FrankenTurbo F21T Kit

Finally the package is here…well the packaged reached my office on April 3rd. For the price, the FrankenTurbo F21T kit is really a bargain. Based on similarly sized housing, the F21T comes with a significantly larger compressor wheel and rated up to 300 bhp or 260ish whp. Personally, I would be happy to reach 240 whp as anything would invite inevitable needs for serious LSD to keep FWD idiocracy at bay. And Doug (owner) really does go above and beyond to help his customers. Even though many believe he’s a 1 man operation and he’s got far better customer service than any providers I’ve dealt with. The only gripe is perhaps the built quality is a bit crude at certain areas. Oh well...

 The Package just arrived from FrankenTurbo. The last piece of the puzzle..
 F21T...Based on K03 housing but packed with impressive internals

 3" MAF

 Ceramic coated exhaust manifold. Internal finishing a little crude but can be easy fix with light porting

 Not sure if I can use this inlet turbo pipe though