Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mild mods performance stats and new POISONS

It’s been a while since I’ve been actively blabbering about things in here, well the very lame and cliché reason I can say is ‘career’ related. My attention has been glued to it since few months back particularly when I’m in the midst of heading to different paddy field to kais pagi makan petang and also doings lots of catching up on database and geodatabase technologies.

I’m happy to report that the new SQL Server 2008 is twilight years ahead of SQL Server 2000 which I’m certified for; plenty of administrative controls over database schema, impressive TDE and of course almost seamlessly able to accommodate direct injection of spatial data without middleware while performance tuning points largely remained unchanged. Of course, it doesn’t mean it will outcast the tried and tested Esri ArcSDE anytime soon because I can’t see how the SQL Server able to manage geoversioning without much customization.

Well none of that now because it’s not what I’m going blog about anyway. I’ve received two screenshots of Azdilizan’s Polo GTI PocketDyno result. Looking at it, there’s nothing not to be pleased about it. 0-100kmh in 6.85 secs, 0-150km/h in 12.93, ¼ mile in 15.03secs! Quite similar performance figures of a stocker DC5 ITR which is still a very rapid machine. Should he improves on his RT, I definitely think low 6secs in 0-100km/h and mid 14s in ¼ mile is on the cards.

Another thing that caught my eyes is, there’s a possibility of PnP a pair of Porsche Boxter’s 4 potter calipers into the Pocong while still retaining 16” rims as both using the same 312mm rotors. Hmmm I like that! And also for the umpteenth times, I’m still contemplating on getting coilovers and at the moment I know just the right brand, model and at a price that won’t nuke my pocket and of course it’s a landed price. What I can tell you right now is the brand starts with H…

But these two won’t be happening any time soon as I’ve got a novel to write about which is called job handover, it is now eating up the pages akin to a script of Indonesian Sinetron which you can never can say it will be completely finished as branches suddenly keep on expanding like no tomorrow. But having said that, there’s not a day goes by without me thinking of getting these two so stay tuned :)

This reminds of doing frequent 'visits' to route E6 in the wee wee hours with a buddy and G tech gadget glued on the windscreen and floor all the way till the engine went to heaven, that was a loong time ago....

I'm at loss for words here .....

Thursday, July 15, 2010

For Sale: Used H&R Sport Spring

Item: H&R Sport Spring
Description: H&R Sport Spring that lowers the car by 35mm than normal Polo height
Condition: Good
For: 1) VW 9N2/9N3 Polo; 2) VW Mk4 Golf

Reason Selling: Unused
Price: Negotiable

Interested? Contact Wu @ +60122733483