Friday, August 19, 2011

Starving No More

As you all know Pocong is suffering of fuel starvation disease at high revs lately, but there’s a light after the tunnel after all. The original plans of getting Turbosmart 800 FPR with custom adapter and remap to Stg 2 didn’t materialised after AR have been pretty much put my car at bottom of its priority, ahh oh well. Then came a long a new friend of mine, Kenneth driving a Passat 1.8T on steroids graciously in handed me his old original Bosch 4 bar FPR. Installation is really plug & play. Couple with freshly cleaned injectors, the power delivery is much smoother from 3.5k till 6kr rpm. True enough upon handing the keys to Thomas of GT Auto, the Pocong AFR runs healthy at high revs 12.6-12.8 from 5k onwards. The only downside is it now registers a meager 205whp/305nm on their dyno treadmill. Say hello to sunday drive :)