Friday, December 31, 2010


It’s very much unfortunate that due to work commitments, I had to neglect this blog for quite some time now. But this Pocong is darn good at cunningly and intentionally all in the same body language grabs me back in with its new set of TLC requests!

It was last Monday after my wife taking a pot shot at this fella that it idles like a mesin tebu due to the ECS Stg1 clutch kit fitted, and to my surprise this Pocong taking it very personal. Few minutes after, it went on to becoming notoriously extra vocal in whistling upon spooling at WOT and idles coarsely loud and rough like a mad truck.

On a perpetual disturbed mind, I went to start thinking whether the turbo bolts gotten themselves loose or boost leaks or downpipe/exhaust leaks or is it the first sign the K03S is doing a harakiri etc. The next morning after tiring thinking about it even during my wet dream, I went to drop the car at Alex’s Ever Auto to check it up. That’s where I was basically carless for 3 solid days as they’ve got ½ of dozen of backlog Audis to clear first.

Two days went by and upon calling Alex, the problem myth is BUSTED. It turns out that turbo metal gasket was torn to pieces, specifically the one from the K03S turbo outflow to intercooler needs replacing. This made absolute sense because upon diagnostic checks during 60k kms service we encountered "17705 - Pressure Drop between Turbo and Throttle Valve (check D.V.!)". The original gasket itself is not expensive which is about RM50 but the labour charge is 3 times more as Alex’s right hand man needs about 3 solid hours in getting the job done courtesy of very space constraint engine bay.

But at the end of the day, you know what, to me it’s worth every penny. It now spools stealthier with very very timid whistling with very smooth delivery throughout the rev range. And I’m very certain the car feels punchier now as I can have much more mental torque steer at 3rd gear. The idiocy is BACK!

And while waiting for SuperSport dampers to reach Frank’s place sometime now, I just have a pretty good idea of how my ideal cheap & cheerful FMIC would works great in giving cooling consistency and reasonable response. All I need is a good condition used aluminium intercooler like Evo3, new piping route from turbo-intercooler-manifold with ~2” diameter and Ah Heng’s magic hands. Clues are available below :)

Oh yes, I suppose to rant my thoughts of the new Fiesta 1.6S and how well it cope with the uphill & downhill curves at Ulu Yam but unfortunately my brother who just gotten the delivery of it keeping his keys miles away for me to grabs it. Nevertheless, I’m still going to try HARD to give it a go hehehe

The troublemaker ...

Original VW 1.8T intercooler flow...

This is what I have in mind...unfortunately Ah Heng is pretty tight up :(

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Heart Breaking Dyno Dynamics at Millennium...

Just got back from Dyno Rev Party at Millennium Motorsport Sunway organised by a good friend of Satria GTi Club. At first I wasn’t too keen at letting the Pocong let loose on Joshua’s new ‘heart breaker’ Dyno Dynamics treadmill because 1) 99.99% chances some of the horsies will be MIA 2) 50-60% chances it could be more than 10-20 hp 3) I was flat broke with settling summons, SuperSport dampers and 100cc kart test.

True enough, lots of 4G93s registering well below 110hp and another friend who dyno-ed at the same place I’ve gone registered 139hp but at this ‘heart breaker’ dyno merely 119hp, that’s 20 horsies gone! But considering my unbearable curiosity, I went for this Russian Roulette at the very last minute.

The end result is expectedly lower than before but not by much …. 174.6hp/213ftlb(288.7nm) which got me smiled all the way home. ~4hp MIA but gain ~35nm! I suppose much of this down to the value for money ECS Clutch Kit Stg 1 complimented by the DV and cheap & cheerful BKR7E copper plugs.

Having said that, the power delivery wasn’t as linear as before and Pocong is suffering from heat soak as subsequent runs netted 10hp less which means FMIC is inevitable!

I was kind of happy actually but power delivery needs to be more linear

This was done in two years ago

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Not bad against the Clio 197 F1 (The Chase Car)

Autosport Polo Chasing the Bull...

Autosport Australia is certainly serious in breaking their non-modded engine Polo GTI into 1min10s barrier at Wakefield as this video certainly giving it a very good encouragement. Can't be said to that Lambo driver though...