Friday, June 18, 2010

Close Shave

Speaking about close shave, in my years of driving, legally and illegally, plenty of close shaves have happened including a motorbike rammed into me while I was stopping for traffic light stop which happened last week.

The condition of that bike was as sorry state like Dean’s Impala was crashed into by a demonically-possessed truck driver in Supernatural finale, only this time caused by the rider’s own doing. The rider was semi conscious and wet himself in the process, a quick rush to PPUM and thorough checks confirmed that he only suffers bruises. And to sums a long day for me, I’ve been to not one but two police stations to lodge a cover report.

Although it’s never my intention to claim damages because honestly I don’t think there’s a good chances that he’s able to pay and high chances that motorbike might not have valid road tax/insurance but I’m merely just taking up insurance should there be any twist down the road. And damages to the Pocong are very minimal - slightly damaged paintwork & dent on the bumper, slightly cracked rear tail light. You’d struggle to actually notice it really.

Speaking of this, it reminds me of some close shaves I’ve experienced down to my own stupidity among which was fish tailing a Waja coming down Genting facing directly towards a lorry (which again repeated in Section 14 PJ), driving blindly onto opposite direction in the darkness of the night in Jalan Skudai near Danga Bay, playing fire with fishtailing Satria GTi at old Gombak road and almost slipping into a ravine where no one would ever know to just name a few.

Since then, I’ve gotten myself laid back and only doing it when I really need it to be doing and on the road I know well and strong mobile reception should things go south. A wee bit chicken attitude there but sure is wiser I’ve become. Probably age already catch up…. but I can all out at karting but then my karting buddy had turned turtle experience the other day. Bummer!!

Just a cut here and a crack there... nothing serious

Only need to make time to visit bodyshop for some respray

Ajae's kart after turned turtle

RM50 penalty for this is a BARGAIN hahaha!