Friday, August 27, 2010

Awesome Sport Machine!

I've been hooked to Honda S2000 for quite sometime now. Everything is just right - rwd on a roadster but really drives with none of the conventional weakness, very precise and of course F20C that revs till 9,000rpm. The next AE86 cult status, hell yes I'd like to think so! Once I'm done buying a landed home, this is NEXT!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

52.5k kms oil change

Pocong just had new heart fluid change at Ever Auto last Saturday. Typical 4.5ltr of fresh Castrol Edge 10w40 and original oil filter replacing the old. And prior to that, the mechanic did not fine any signs of leaks at all CV boot covers and rear bearings still ok. A total bill came to about RM316.75 which includes RM75 for the oil filter. This is a bit odd because either it’s so expensive in here or Alex got it confused with Pocong as Mk5 Golf GTI. Either way, I’m happy with the place and will visit again on coming 60k mileage for major timing belt replacement, perhaps bringing oil filter, plugs and G12+ coolant on my own hahaha

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Media Formula Plus 2010

Karting on a competitive level has never been my soon-to-do-list because I feel I’m not ready for it. But it turns out that I’ve got a call from a friend asking me to join 1Motor team for Media Formula Plus 2010 endurance race which held yesterday in Speedway Plus circuit where everything are fully sponsored. Not setting any expectation, I’m game for it because it’s FREE!

Woke up a wee bit early, warmed up the Pocong and drove straight there and it turns out I was the earliest bird arriving at 6.40ish am. With a sandwich pack in my hand, while eating it as breakfast, I went for a walkabout tour of the circuit which I haven’t driven before, come to think of it, the same applies to the other two drivers (Satay and Firman) and it’s the first time too for the team. A tall order to expect anything except finishing the race. What amazes me by doing this walkabout, “detail, details, details” pops up to my eyes on exactly the track width, elevation changes, surface quality (some areas are in mediocre state due to drifting runs held), minor pot holes but enough it giving a hell ride and of course a good starting point for entry points etc. Danny Sullivan’s book is right after all hahaha

Upon registering, 1Motor has been listed in Group C, where the format gives us 8 mins practice & qualifying, and 25mins endurance race. Our strategy of the day was to give our lead drive Satay the whole 8 mins for qualifying and being first driver pulling a long first stint, followed by Firman and I’m the last one acting as fail-safe should we need to climb places at the very last minute. A good strategy nonetheless….

With 9 teams competing in Group C, Satay managed to grab pole by some margin of about mid 1:01mins. Things however starting to look like a Hollywood when our kart failed to start which leaving us at dead last of the pack and this allows TV3 Po-Nai to take the lead. Ironically this also happens to Kiki of Driven but luck, skills and experience on their side when they climb up the pace and finished on top in Group B.

Hoping to achieve the same sort of feat, Satay managed to keep his frustration at bay and began putting the hammer down, nailed just right to climb up places. And by lap 6, we’re back in the lead with TV3 Po-Nai still on his tail. And when it’s Firman’s turn to go, TV3 Po-Nai managed overtake him on the long sweeper and retake the lead and by then gave us a good margin distance.

Being the fail-safe driver, I’ve got pressure amounting to at least catch up to them but things doesn’t turned to be rosy when the kart engine failed to start again and we’ve lost a good 5secs there alone. Going out with track familiarisation and flat out all in one go, I decided to take late apex on all corners on the first lap to get myself acclimatised fast and coming to next lap, I began pushing hoping to catch a glimpse of TV3 Po-Nai by lapping 2 teams in the process. But my overdeveloped trigger-ness on the last corner causes us to lose time and managed to embarrassingly spun on the area on my cool down lap after being chequered. In my defense if I may, I’m struggling to modulate the throttle and brakes ala on-off effect, on when for full out running and anything lesser than full throttle just want to die. Nevertheless we still retain 2nd and heading for the final!

A bit of rain came and camouflaged the track surface and obviously made it slippery especially first and last turn. Another hindrance is our new kart this time is down on power than the problematic first. But that doesn’t stop Satay to clocks high 1:00min but that only good enough for 3rd placing. Given that we’re competing against pro drivers of defending champion Malay Mail XMM, TV3 Po-Nai and Driven, 3rd place is just the best we can possibly do for now.

A biggest surprise of the final was F1 hopeful Nabil Jefri is joining the race albeit starting last. And as expected, he rocketed to fourth behind us on the start. Satay did his absolute best to keep him at bay but that doesn’t stop Nabil to overtake on lap 3 as we dropped down to fourth while Malay Mail XMM and TV3 Po-Nai already about ½ track ahead. Looking at damage limitation, we’re working on to retain fourth placing till the end. But on 2nd stint, Firman got overtaken by 2 karts though unsure whether they were overtaking for position of unlapped themselves. Pressure began to mount to the team for a good finish.

Decided not wanting to repeat the rookie mistakes, as my turn to drive in the end, I decided to taking it easy on first turn but flat all the way through long sweepers and got good rhythm on the slow technical turns on the last section while taking it easy on the last corner. It turned out to be a good approach as I managed to catch-up with the two karts and overtaken them on the technical section and one at the last corner approaching to the final straight. 3 laps to go was the final lap with me taking it cautiously on the last one to bring home the kart in fourth with Driven team behind us!

We were again delivered a jolly good news that Plus team driven by Nabil and gang didn’t classified as competitors which moved our standing to 3rd with prices of RM3000 cash and trophy. It’s a bloody good outcome considering it’s the first time entry for the team with drivers got no experience on this track at all.

I’ve told Mio of 1Motor that I’d like to come back for next year and together hopefully we can challenge for top spot. Until then, my novel has not finished yet and of course in between the time I’m heading for City Karting with buddies for another rempiting session :)

Confirm aku memang layak sebab free hahaha

Not sure whether this is the ideal line in Speedway Plus....but the last turn need to take it wide

Had a walk-through when the sun yet to rise

Glimpse of the sun starting to wake up

It's daylight alright and just done with the walkabout tour


Looks the part but the old junk at City Karting is 30% more powerful


Geng-geng rempit yang berjaya bersama Mr Manager-nya. It's the first time for the 1Motor team to enter this event, first time track for us all but rezeki murah ini hari hehehe