Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Journey begins with the POCONG!

After coming back from short stint in Indonesia, I haven’t thought about changing car, the Hocus Pocus a.k.a Proton Satria GTi has been a satisfying one to own on one side of my book (the other side of my book, the car has stalled by roadside few times and money sucker!). It has been mildly tuned for street used, enough for me to play on Ulu Yam and K. Kelawang roads. And for a fact, the looks and the Mat Rock styling from Julian Thompson hasn’t died on me.

Things started to go wrong when timing belt snaps again for the 2nd time and after that, engine rebuilt wasn’t strong enough to tame mad 17.5-18 psi reading on compression test, if it does I can confidently say it’ll register 140-145hp without the use of high cams, 81mm piston and stock internal.

Things started to go really bad when I checked engine oil has been dried out after driving to wifey’s hometown in Butterworth. To teach the Hocus Pocus a lesson, we went to Juru Auto City for some window shopping.

Walked in Goh Brothers Juru, dressed up very plainly with tees, short and sleepar jepun. To my bloody surprised, I’ve gotten very warm reception from them. My intention back then was to test drive the Golf GTI (manual) but VW Group Malaysia only brings DSG variant. Resen (sales advisor) told me VW Polo GTI (they have on display) only comes in manual!

Initial impression, it looks like ordinary hatch just happen to have 4-door, 16” Denver wheels and GTI badge on front grill and rear tailgate. It reminded me a lot of late Mk1 Golf we had when I was a young boy, just slightly bigger. Nothing special inside it either. Compared to Golf, it feels raw and crude although gaps are pretty much consistent. That bugger even racun me for test drives and happily I obliged. Curiosity, I was looking where they put the test car outside their office compound. To my surprise, they bring down the car on display for a test drive! Talk about customer service, I was mightily impressed!

We went to E1 highway to see if the ancient 1.8T can give me something to smile about. And you know what, not only I smiled and grinned, I was completely mesmerized by this little car. Peak figure doesn’t tell the whole story but the delivery is. Virtually, no lag. I topped 220 easily but noticed lane change is quite hairy compared to Hocus Pocus and beat up Waja and steering felt a bit too light. I was ½ convinced back then.

Went back to KL, and scouted around for some good conditioned DC5 Integra Type-Rs. The K20A is a piece of art when it comes to NA but pricing puts me off (~170k for facelifted 2005 model, is a rip off). Few days later, got a called from Resen telling me they’re willing to take in my Hocus Pocus at a price I just couldn’t resist and low interest rate plus some other goodies. At that point, I was sold for that shopping trolley in Flash Red.

Paid up deposit, and everything was taken care of by them. About 2 weeks, everything was done deal only I couldn’t find the time to take it home. The week after, drove up there with my Hocus Pocus for the last time, and took delivery of Pocong (Polo GTI) on June 16th 2008. Since then, journey with Pocong continues ….

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