Sunday, January 16, 2011

SuperSport Shocks - Installed & Shakedown

The Pocong finally has gotten itself new SuperSport short stroke dampers to work alongside with H&R spring. But it wasn’t smooth sailing “waiting & be happy job” on Saturday I thought it would.

First off, Alex’s Ever Auto don’t have 36mm axle socket so they can only replace the rear dampers. Decided not to be a patient man, I went to Auto Reign to get the front replaced. Guess what they too don’t have that axle socket hence they need to take out both driveshafts to yank out the whole knuckles to replace the dampers and yes it took them 3 hours. Then only I took the car to Mun Jee to get it realigned and balanced. That’s a good 7 hours of waiting and RM384 of labour charge debited from my credit card…

The outcome was a mixed one. Because the SuperSport casing and its rod is shorter and thicker than original, the ride height went down ~10mm on all for corners. At this point, I was worried whether 1) Is there have enough suspension travel? 2) How am I going to go through speed bumps on full load?

That would have to wait until initial shakedown today. Both me and my brother on Fiesta 1.6S took the tight twisties of old Gombak road towards Genting Sempah and then Jalan Genting Highlands towards the peak.

What I can say now is that it rides with more immediate feedback through the steering, it corners flatter and cover more ground in terms of lateral grip with more fluidity rather than outright harshness. And speaking of fluidity, I sense that the SuperSport dampers give much more composure dealing with uneven and bumpy roads which means I don’t need to slow down to readjust the music volume and my wife shouldn’t get sick every time traveling on long distance.

In all honesty, I doubt SuperSport is as good as the established H&R Cup Kit and Bielstein B12 in terms of sharpness but it should be a bit more comfortable and definitely the most bang for buck upgrade. Having said that, you can’t use it with stock spring as the housing is a wee bit shorter. Next up is FMIC and full exhaust and of course it’ll be done in slow, cheap but definitely special on the Pocong. :)

This Audi 100 Wagon is the grandpa of soccer mum's as it has Porsche 944 2.7 turbo and Brembos all around.

Stock Sachs vs SuperSport

Ever Auto managed to install the rears only

Mun Jee did the alignment trice to get it right :)

New ride height...the rear is wee bit too low

Shakedown of both Pocong and Fiesta went well but that Fiesta needs to get up to pace for more thrilling sunday drive

Very foggy morning in Genting Highlands

Friday, January 14, 2011

SuperSport Dampers

After so many of tak percaya ding dong by Kastam in regards to the price, at last the SuperSport dampers finally reached home. I can’t blame them really because in UK websites, they’re retailing almost £60 per piece. Oh well, I just can’t wait to get it installed at Alex’s place tomorrow followed by a little shakedown test on Sunday :)

SuperSport Dampers (1 set): €125
Shipping Charges: €69
Total: €197