Thursday, August 23, 2012

K04-001 might be inevitable ... soon anyway

Although Wynn managed to soldier most of the cracks on the stock K03S turbo housing, there's one particular spot he can't is somewhere near the compressor shaft. While the engine is boosting fine now, the cracks will come back hunting me sooner or later.
The most easiest and 'worry free' upgrade would be Borg Warner K04-001 or OEM-ed from RP and CTS for less than USD1k. There won't be much of increase in hp but because of slightly larger housing, the power deliver should be more stronger and linear from mid range onwards. Pity that it is not water-cooled to disperse heat more efficiently.

Besides the the turbo, I definitely need to source for at least 380cc injectors, 3" MAF, custom remap and maybe after market turbo manifold. It won't be soon I hope...

Image taken from ECS Tuning USA

Teluk Bahang Rd. 6

@Teluk Bahang Rd. 6. Apart from mediocre road surface, I think this is one of the best winding roads in Penang. From Batu Ferringhi, the road started with wide sweeping corners and tightens all the way till the end. Definitely suited for agile and nippy hot hatches....

Captured using Samsung Galaxy S3. Although it comes with capabilities of setting ISO and aperture, I find it still has long way to go when it comes to noise reduction and depth. Nevertheless, the shutter speed is pretty impressive.

Say Hello to Samsung Galaxy S3

My hope of continuing marathon use of trusty but senile Nokia E72 has come to an end a day before Raya. I just had to put a stop with its growing appetite of freezing all the time. Furthermore, Maxis's recent RM799 offer for Samsung Galaxy S3 has sealed the deal without a heart beat considering I paid RM1.2k the predecessor S2 for wifey last year July. And that even cheaper than how much I paid for Nokia E72 when it was first launched in 2009, RM1.8k. 

Let see if this phone can last me for the next five years.....wishful thinking here :P

It comes with shoddy build quality though :(

Monday, August 6, 2012

Check Engine Light (CEL)

The Check Engine Light (CEL) pops up for the first time today. Must have been lazy to wake up early morning at 4am with ambient temperature ~18deg. Quick unplug the battery managed to shut up the CEL :)

Boost Leaks Fixed (for Now)

The Pocong was hospitalized for a week in Wynn’s for welding up the cracks on the K03S turbo housing that made of cast iron. At the same time, he also took the liberty in cleaning up the throttle body, AC blower and tighten up the engine’s subframe before ran full system checks. 

Upon collected the car last Saturday morning, I decided to drop over at Alex’s for 105k kms service considering Raya holidays is around the corner. Of course the welding exercise is just temporary solution as I was told there’s another crack near the compressor shaft which is not repairable and that means new turbo is inevitable after all. Oh well, I’m going to lay low for now :) 

Engine Oil: Liqui Moly Top Tech 5w40 RM222.40 
Oil Filter: VW 1.8T (06A 115 561 B) RM35.00 
Spark Plug: NGK Platinum V-Power BKR7E RM50.00 
Coolant: Redline Water Wetter RM65.00 Labour: 
Engine Oil, Oil Filter & Spark Plugs RM70.00 
Labour: Dismantling & Installing Turbo RM480.00 
Labour: Welding Turbo Housing RM75.00 

Total 997.40