Tuesday, March 26, 2013

2nd Baby Steps: New Blitz Spec Nur & New Piping

While waiting for ‘the package’ to reach my doorstep, I’ve to fulfill couple of prerequisites and that includes new catback exhaust. So happen that I’m on leave for couple of days, to make the most of my boredom agenda I called Ah Heng for an appointment, today.

After short rounds of negotiations, I’ve decided to go for new custom 2.5” stainless steel piping and new Blitz Spec Nur universal muffler. The works started from 1100 until 1630. Typical Ah Heng's attention to detail just like the intercooler job couple of years ago. And I was lucky that Pocong was the only customer they had!

 ~Tanya sama Pocong apa sebab goyang ... nanti jawab Pocong Spec Nur dah nak datang~....

 If it's good enough for Skylines, Silvias and Subarus, it should be good enough for VW I think...err

Started work at 1100 and completed circa 1630. Typical Ah Heng's attention to detail, luckily Pocong was the only customer that day

 New 2.5" stainless-steel piping all the way to the end

New muffler placed far enough to the left just like JDMs
 Kiut miut Polo with muffler tip big enough to barbeque couple of mice...some say big enough for a cat

A German car, manufactured in South Africa, aftermarket parts mostly from USA, tuned by Canadian, styled to be Japanese and modded by Malaysians :P


  1. Big exhaust but no power. Empty vessels make most noise :P

  2. This look garang, how is it affecting power?

  3. Hi KW,

    Surprisingly, it became more unresponsive and I think the powerband has shifted on the higher side. Managed to reduce this issue by adding silencer.

    Weird indeed unless stock turbo can't churn out enough velocity to accomodate 2.5" piping and straight flow muffler. I will reserve the judgement once I get new turbo kit installed and have it remapped.

  4. Yo Bro! thats a massive pipe!...on the other hand, not enough back pressure maybe?

  5. Let's see. I'm going to hand the car to Auto Reign tomorrow :)