Tuesday, March 26, 2013

1st Baby Steps: Genesis 415cc Injectors

I've been neglecting this blog for quite some time, have I? Truth be told, it’s really down to the fact that there’s nothing much to report as the Pocong has been cozily hibernating on my apartment’s car park for months. She’s been too complacent to the point that the parts are beginning to disintegrate by itself!

So I have to do something about this by setting up a goal to replenish and refresh the heart to be a little energetic than it is now. Yes, new turbo kit but it’s not K04-001…something supposedly better. 

The 1st baby step is to get a set of injectors that can provide optimum fueling. And when it comes to injectors for Volkswagen, Genesis is among the top spoken manufacturer in the States. Most Genesis injectors are based in some way on Bosch and Siemens cores but purposely re-engineered for VW’s small-port 20v heads and R32. It features factory-correct dual spray cones, fast response, with atomization directly from injector nozzle and more upon impact with intake valves. 

Aside from the hardware itself, Genesis injectors are backed with information. Fueling is a mission-critical part of any engine build. Meanwhile, how many vendors only put up a product name, picture, price, and nothing else? MOST. They assume that the customer already knows what they need. So, where does this knowledge come from? Compare the contenders to USRT where tech is explained clearly. It becomes obvious where the information trail actually STARTS. And these injectors are the preferred brands by Unitronic. 

Although it’s a little expensive, it’s really no brainer not to go for Genesis 415cc injectors at around USD350 a set for a peace of mind especially when it comes to cold start issues. Fortunately for me, the customs have been very lenient enough to let this through without imposing tax! 


  1. Same injectors on SP me thinks...

  2. Yup, I think it's based upon Bosch 440cc :)